Church History
Crow Hill Bible Church (CHBC) is a member of Converge Worldwide (a.k.a.. Baptist General Conference) and Converge Rocky Mountain. We started in 1983 as a small Bible study hosted by Dawson McAlister and Ken Evans. the latter, Ken Evans, became its first pastor. CHBC is currently in a growing pattern. Having been less than 40 people in 1996, it is now experiencing more people engaging in its life and mission. 

In 1990 CHBC purchased a 6,000 square foot medical center. At first various tenants were in the building and their rent paid the mortgage. Through the years each of them have moved allowing the church to expand its ministry. CHBC added an additional 200-seat sanctuary, "The Bubble," to facilitate its growth and has acquired a parcel of property on Bull Dogger Court to further expand the church's ministry to the community. This property is currently being used as a temporary home for our new Pastor; Pastor Joshua Sorrows, his wife Sara and their son Caleb. The basement of this property houses our Youth Center. 

After a one year pastoral search, Pastor Joshua Sorrow accepted the call to become our new pastor in December 2015. Joshua is the 5th pastor to serve Crow Hill Bible church since it's inception. Pastor Joshua worked as a youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Cliftondale in College Park Georgia, and served  in the children's Ministry at Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas. Joshua also served as an elementary school teacher in Richardson ISD. He is a recent graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary who has a heart for ministry.

Al Buonanno came on board as Youth Pastor in 2013. Al joined Crow Hill Bible Church in May of 1999 and served the youth ministry in some capacity before he was called as Youth Pastor. Al has two associate degrees in management and a Bachelor's degree in Organization Management with a minor in Christian Leadership. 

Crow Hill Bible Church is committed to several key principles: #1 - a high view of Scripture and its inerrant authority. #2 - The absolute necessity of prayer. #3 - The value of all people and their needs both spiritually and physically. #4 - God is the head of the church and we are His servants. 

Crow Hill Bible Church desires to establish a stronger ministry to the family, focusing on children and youth, and to extend its contribution to its local community and the worldwide community. Please feel free to contact the church office and let us know how we can serve you. 


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. NIV ~ Romans 8:28